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My Download Folder Only Came with VST3, VST, and Components

As I said, 'My Download Folder Only Came with VST3, VST, and Components'.
I put the .vst and component files in the necessary audio folder but I'm trying to use this on Pro Tools and there's no AU or AAX folder so it won't work for PT, only Ableton, as PT doesn't use VSTs. Am I doing something wrong or am I just crazy? PT isn't acknowledging the existence of any Fab Filter products?

Fred Purcell

Hi Fred,

Our installer should run VST, VST3, AAX. When you're on a mac it should also install AU. Could you try to reinstall via our latest installer?


Ralph (FabFilter)

I think the original poster's problem is he's not letting the installer put things where they are supposed to go. If he let's that happen then he'll has aax for use in PT (PT 2019.6 user here).

Jack aka musicman691
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