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Bug: Curve Changes Shape

I've noticed, that depending on where and how much zoom is used, the shape of the curve produced in Pro-Q 3 changes. Even as the zoom is used, the curve jiggles up and down.


With zooming, do you mean dragging up/down on the frequency labels at the bottom of the display, so it zooms horizontally?

Are you referring to the EQ curve or the spectrum display? The spectrum display needs new input as you zoom out, so it needs to catch up with the input to become fully stable for a second or so. Is this what you mean?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Sorry for the delay!

I made a little gif with shows the bug: imgur.com/a/HAYXW2Q . As you can see, the amplitude of the curve changes depending on the amount of zoom. It seems that the correct amplitude, especially at higher frequencies, is only shown when fully zoomed in.

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