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Pro-Q 3 level of solo

When in notch and solo, the Pro-Q 1 would boost the selected frequency making it easy to find an offending specific frequency. Pro-Q 3 does no longer does the boost in solo. Is there a setting to allow this? Can it be reinstated?


In Pro-Q 2, we removed the boost when soloing notch filters, because we got complaints from users that it could cause clipping and volume spikes.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Could it be an option? Many mixers I have spoken to miss the ability to audition with that feature. It was one of the first reasons I opped for this plugin, and now it is no longer available.
Thank you for responding.


Perhaps when soloing in notch, the boost (like in ProQ1) would happen. All other eq modes the boost would be as in ProQ3.

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