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Feature Request: Focus on "solo"

Hi guys,
I have had this thing happen to me all to often the last days:

I will create 2 or more bands/points in Pro-Q3, Pro-MB or Saturn and start working on the settings. Usually that means soloing the highest or lowest one and dialing in. Then I will un-solo and compare, then solo the next. Then I will ruin my settings from before for about 10 seconds before realizing that I never clicked on the band and the settings and knobs are still corresponding to the last one..

I propose that clicken "solo" on a band (or the headphones on a band in Pro-Q3) should automatically focus that band and switch to the corresponding settings. Please. pretty please.

Or do you see any downsides of that?

Weigang Music

I would love this. I keep making this mistake in Pro-MB.

ALU Music

Would like to see this as well, I keep dialing the wrong band controls.

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