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Pro-Q3 crashes Cubase 10.0.50 (latest release before their 10.5))


Ive been using Pro-Q3 without issues in Reaper for the last few months.

First time I try to insert it in Cubase pro 10.0.50, the project will freeze everytime and need force quit with ctrl alt delete.

Ive reported to Cubase and many more users have problems with Fabfilters in Cubase 10 ish versions. All related to project crashes.

Please check on your side if ever it might be in the code.


Alexandre Desroches

Hi Alexandre,

We've got a lot of support cases the last week concerning Cubase 10.5 and Pro-Q 3 crashes. We're investigating!


Ralph (FabFilter)

Ralph to add to this, I also see the crash not only using Pro Q 3 but when trying to open any 2nd fab filter plugin in the project

Andres Corrales S.
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