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Pro Q3 dynamic gain doesn’t map on Avid S6

In the current version of Pro Q3, the dynamic gain parameter doesn’t show anywhere on the Avid S6 console. So, each time you want to use it (in my case almost every time) you have to go back to the mouse, which requires a lot of back and forth and is particularly unpractical. Could you implement this parameter mapping in a future update ? (Presently the Q parameter appears when you press the SEL switch nearby the frequency knob, the dynamic gain could then appear when you press the SEL switch of the GAIN knob). Many thanks and congrats for all your awesome plugins !


Hi Cyril,

The dynamic gain parameter is called Dynamic Range, which can be controlled from the S6 from the second bay of controls using the bottom rotary.

Hope this helps.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks a lot for your Reply Ralph. We found where the misunderstanding was. We were talking about the way ProQ3 is displayed when the EQ switch is hilighted on the console and in the normal inline mode. In the other hand you’re talking about the way ProQ3 is displayed when you select it’s slot using the INS switch and in expand mode. It would have been great to have the possibility to access the dynamic range parameter without having to expand the EQ though.

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