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Pro-Q3 (3.11 Trial) w/ Adobe Audition 2018 (Ver 11.x)

I'm currently trying to evaluate the Pro-Q3 3.11 (x64) with Adobe Audition CC 2018 on two different PCs.
Both of them running Win 8.1 Pro and Adobe Audition CC 2018.

With the .vst3 version, Pro-Q 3 doesn't seem to catch the Audio Signal, no matter wether Sidechain selected or not.
With the .vst version, Pro-Q causes Audition to crash.

Same behaviour on both machines.

Please advise.



Hi, we will look into it. I'll get back to you when this is properly tested.

Maarten (FabFilter)

Hi Rob,

Would it be possible to send us a short video that illustrates the issue? Please send it to info@fabfilter.com

Thank you in advance!

Maarten (Fabfilter)
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