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FF Channel Strip

Hi there,

please consider making a FF Channel Strip based on the Q3 with a compressor. I'd love to abandon AVID Channel Strip but being able to see and tweak EQ and Compression in one window is something I miss when I use Q3.

Many thanks!


Been asking for a decade now. We need a modern channel strip! There are too many hardware emulations out there.


What is the advantage of a channel strip over putting all of the needed plugins in insert points?


"What is the advantage of a channel strip over putting all of the needed plugins in insert points?"

-I'm not sure but I think you could save some cpu power and/or have less latency because up- and down rendering the signals on the in- and outputs of the single plugins won't be necessary.
Correct me if I'm wrong


It's mostly for ergonomics and quickness of having everything on a single page - EQ/Compression/Gate/Saturation. Why use 4+ plugins when you can get it done with one. And with a full page mode that would be awesome!


Yes, it makes sense to me, an option to load separate plugins and all in one channel strip if needed.


It would be absolutely amazing to see a Fabfilter channel strip! Something modern and not trying to emulate anything classic. Just the 'best' of the current EQ, comp, gate and saturation in one plugin. Different (expandable/collapsing) panes that you can enable and disable as needed. I would buy it instantly!


Yes I’d love to have a channel strip available. All of my pro tools templates would have this one channel strip inserted on each track.

Additionally it doesn’t have to be a channel strip, or could just be an effects rack like what other companies do.

Would love this.

Gregory Muzljakovich

These are all fair arguments.

I don't know if it actually saves cpu power at all.
An amount that worth saving, anyway.
FF plugins regularily don't add latency, unless you use lookahead/oversampling or things like that, then it will be added in a channel strip as well.

The Ergonomic part is the main thing I guess.
Problem is, though, you won't be able to get all the chain parts as detailed as the regular plugins.
Which is fine, I guess, for some material.
But I don't think it worths the effort of developing such plugin.
There are tons of plugins out there. If you take out the fine details of your loved plugins, then they're won't be special any more.

that's my 2 cents :}



Hi guys,

Thanks for the request. We love to make a chanel strip, however there are lots of other things we'd also like to make. So no promises here unfortunately..


Ralph (Fabfilter

Can you make the channel strip Softube Console 1 compatible? That would be perfect, you can call it Dutch Class A.


Hello everyone,

FF definitely deserves a Channel Strip.

I was going to get in touch with the company about this but saw this thread instead. FF can prepare a modern channel strip instead of analog emulations.

Call it channel strip or multi effects rack, no matter what. Just a tool that brings FF plugins together.

It can use '' lite '' versions of the already existing plugins. Let's say we have channel strip that includes somehow '' lite '' versions of Q,C,S. However if I want to get surgical with the saturation, than I can exclude S in the Channel Strip and load the Saturn itself separately and do what I want to do. Just an idea.

But seriously, you need to consider this. We need this.

Thank you.



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