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Pro q 2 causing delay compensation in pro tools to go red

I am using Pro q 2 in Pro Tools as I always have. Yesterday while I was mastering a song the delay compensation went into the red and start causing stutters in the playback. I traced it down to being the Pro q 2 while in linear mode was the cause. If I put it in Natural Phase it goes back to green. But anything in Linear phase even set to only High will give me problems. I don't ever remember this happening before. In fact I have used this same mastering chain for a year now with no issues till this week. Someone please help me figure this out.

William Gilbert

Take a look if there's any track in parallel routed differently than usually.

The delay compensation alert in pro tools shows the relative compensation between tracks, like 2 audio tracks routed to the same bus must be compensated and aligned while the bus itself has a new delay compensation relativ to other tracks & busses.
Usually on the master it should stay green because there is no other track that needs to get aligned to it and could cause trouble, unless you have created some special routing.

Btw zero latency vs. natural phase vs. linear phase will of course change the delay as they're introducing different latencies.


I've been having the same issue with FF L2. Is there a fix in the works for this?


Can you try to select a larger maximum delay compensation setting in Pro Tools' preferences? That might fix it.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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