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Differences between Pro MB and Pro C and Pro G.

Hello, I want to know the differences between Pro MB (Multiband compressor/expander) and Pro C (Compressor) and Pro G (Gate/Expander)? Can you do the same with Pro MB just in a multiband way? Or what would be the reason you would buy or need the three of them?
Thank you.

Santiago Gonzalez

Not trying to be vague, but overall it really depends on your needs and what you're trying to achieve. There is some overlap between the three, but they really are significantly different depending on the result you're looking for and have unique strengths.

Some quick examples:

Pro MB: Obviously the only one with multiple bands. It doesn't have as much overall control (IMO) that Pro C does and can't really be used as a gate (at least nowhere as effective compared to a dedicated gate tool).

Pro C: Single band, but within that single band has overall more control and granularity than Pro MB. Very versatile, but I prefer Pro MB for mastering and overall mix bus though.

Pro G: Going to be the best as a traditional gate. For me, this one gets the least used of the three, but I'm not working with things like live drums or vocals. I use it creatively on audio loops, but it would get a lot more use for live instrument recordings.

So, based on your needs and what you're trying to achieve you'll have decide which is the right tool for the job, but they're all very effective at what they do.

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