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Pro Q2 for sale?

is pro Q2 still for sale? I need to purchase a copy to mirror copy so i can mirror the plugins a mixer I work with uses.


or would a Q3 license unlock Q2 as well??


If you purchase Pro-Q 3, you automatically get access to Pro-Q 2 and 1 (via a license in your account)!

Floris (FabFilter)

Thank you!


I bought proq3 and needed proq2 for an older mix but have a new computer. I downloaded the older proq2 but it says I need a license. I entered my proq3 license and it doesn’t work. How can I get proq2 to work?

James Uertz

Hi James,

Your account automatically offers you a license key for earlier versions of plug-ins that you own. First log into your account: www.fabfilter.com/myaccount

Click 'View license key' next to your most recent order for a plug-in, e.g. Pro-Q 3. Then, click on 'View license keys for earlier versions' in the top-right corner of the page. The license keys for earlier versions will now be displayed.

You can download all earlier plug-in versions here:

Floris (FabFilter)
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