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Student Discount

I applied to receive a student discount a little over a week ago and have still not heard back. Just wondering how long it normally takes because I would like to download and start using the Total Bundle as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hi William, thank you for your educational application. Unfortunately, we had a technical issue last week so some educational applications didn't get trough.

Please reapply via; www.fabfilter.com/shop/educational-discounts and I will review your application right away!



Maarten (Fabfilter)

Hey there. I've got the the same question as William. I've sent you an emai via the education discount application form 5 days ago and i still have not heard back. I am also interested in buying the Total Bundle.
Thank you.


Hi Greg,

just drop us a line at info@fabfilter.com

Ralph (FabFilter)

Okay, i've sent you an email as well. I hope we can work this out as soon as possible.

Thanks Ralph


Ive submitted a request for the educational discount twice. I am a student at central michigan university and cant afford to pay so much for the pro tools plugins. I need assistance please help.

Nahum Tesfai

Same, I just received an email saying it was processed. Yet, they did not provide any information on how to access my account and how to apply the discount. Which leaves me, at square one with no discount and no affordable option.

Nahum Tesfai

Hi Nahum,

Your application as been processed this morning. I double-checked and you do have an EDU account, and it also looks like you've been able to make purchases through it. So I'm guessing everything is okay now?

Floris (FabFilter)
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