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Where are my plug-ins?!

Hey peoples,

just downloaded the 30-day free trial total bundle pack. After installing the plug-in are nowhere to be found. Trying to use it in Ableton 10 on a MacBook Pro.

How do I open the plugins in Ableton?!


If you allowed the installer to put the plugins where it wanted to look in (I'm not at my daw right now) but IIRC you should find the plugins in Mac HD/library/audio/plugins. There are a few folders in there one labeled components where au format plugins go and a couple of other folders for vst, vst 2 and vst 3. I don't know what format Ableton uses so look in all the folders I mentioned.


I just installed, or tried to install, the 30 day free Trial. Very eager to give this bundle a workout in hopes to be astonished and purchase. But, after going through the installation instructions, and finding the files under the LIBRARY/PLUGINS/COMPONENTS on my Hard Drive.....they appear there, but do not appear in my Logic Pro X. I looked for them also in the Plug In Manager, in Logic Pro X Preferences...and did not see them listed there either. Anyone know what I am doing incorrectly or how to solve this? Many thanks, Wes.

Wesley L. Curry II
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