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Pro L2 - Loudness Time Scale clarification


I am mastering 2 albums at the moment, and need some clarification.
I am targeting the -14 LUFS.

Using the Loudness Time Scale - set to Integrated -

If I have a song that peaks from -13.5 LUFS in the middle, but by the time it gets to the end of the song it is -14.0 LUFS...

Which of these two values represents the LUFS of my track? Does the target -14 LUFS need to be when the track is done after fading out? Or does that -14 LUFS need to be the maximum LUFS the track gets too as in peak LUFS?

Meaning is my track still at -14 LUFS standard if I have it peak at -13.5 LUFS in the middle, but by the time it finishes the song (fading and all) its at -14.0? Or to have it considered -14 LUFS standard can it not peak above -14 LUFS ever?

Billy Procell

Hi Billy,

When you have Loudness Time Scale set to integrated, you will only get the correct LUFS measurement at the end of the song. So reset the meter and play your whole song. When it's done it shows you the final LUFS metering.

The -13.5 you get halfway is probably during a louder section, which causes to average until that point to go up. If the song goes softer again, and you end up with -14 at the end of the song, you've met your target.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thank you so much Ralph.

That is exactly what I wanted to know.

Billy Procell
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