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Should I dither in ProL2 and Live

I may have been doing this all wrong, or somewhat. When rendering a full master, I have been dithering within Pro-L2, as well as within the Live output section.

Should I only be dithering once in either spot. Meaning, either ONLY dither in Pro-L2 or ONLY dither in Live's output render. Or is it fine to do both at once?

J. Behr

You should apply dithering only once, when decreasing the bitrate, e.g. rendering 16bit file from the 32bit session. Doing dithering twice in Pro-L & in your DAW just increases the noise.


Also there's a new in-depth video from Dan Worrall, about the dithering: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iDrbgfPjPY

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