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An interface to Pro-Q3 to send lists of parameters to generate presets


I'm currently looking for a way to generate presets with random bellfilter peaks and notches for sounddesign purposes. Is there a way to send Pro-Q3 a list of parameters to create bands on a blank preset? I thought of a text file like:
1 5 1000 -6 1.5 1 0 //parameters for band 1
2 1 20 3 0.04 1 3 //parameters for band 2

with each line structured like:
[shape number (maybe numbered like the menu?)] [slope number (number of the menu entry or maybe the value itself)] [frequency] [gain] [Q] [stereo placement] [dynamic gain] etc, containing all the information saved in one Band.
One line for global settings like input and output gain and processing mode would be useful, too (maybe the first or the last line of the text file?)

This would be super helpful as I could write little scripts to generate these text files with randomized numbers in the boundaries that work for my purposes. Right now this is a very repetitive and unsatisfying task to add random bands to Pro-Q.

Is there a chance that this feature will be implemented? I think that this feature doesn't need to be too user friendly, just a rought "import textfile" in a menu would be cool (drag n drop would be even cooler:D ), but without any special feedback if something was formatted in the wrong way or a value was too high or low, maybe some examples in the manual so we can see how the text file should look like and which number belongs to which band parameter.

This is probably unnecessary for most users, but it would save much time and open up many possibilities with some specialized tasks.

Thank you for your support:)


Hi Jakob,

Thanks for your feature request. We'll put it on the long list of request we've got. However, we can't promise implementing it.

Cheers, Ralph

Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Ralph,

thanks for your reply. An even easier way would be to edit presets with some kind of text editor. Is it possible to open preset files outside of Pro-Q3?


You can't open FabFilter preset files in a text editor because they are binary files.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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