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Clips are randomly silent after using Fabfilter Pro C2 in Premiere 2020

I have on my Macbook Pro 2019 the latest Version of Premiere 2020. In the last days, clips with Fabfilter Pro C2 or Fabfilter Pro Q2 got randomly silent and i can bring back the sound only, with removing the Fabfilter Plugins.

Do some else hase this problem to? Is there a known solution?



Hi Schluribumbi,

We are aware of this issue. We have been in contact with Adobe, and they acknowledged this is due to a problem with AU plug-ins on their end. This problem should not occur with VST2 or VST3 plug-ins. We advise to use those until Adobe comes with a bug fix.


Ralph (Fabfilter

Thanks for your answer! Two questions to this:

When i don't use the AU Plugins den fabfilter plugin will work fine?

Where can i read about, when Adobe fixed the bug, which disturbs the fabfilter plugin?


Hi Schluribumbi,

We haven't seen an official statement from Adobe, However, we've been investigating a case following this thread:


We've been testing thoroughly, and the problem only occurs with AU. VST2/3 worked just fine.

We've been in touch with Adobe and they said they were aware of the problem, which is on their end. They have not said when to expect a fix for this.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks a lot for your answer and the link!


This same issue happens to me in ableton 10 all the time with pro G.

And in the current protools native version pro q3 will randomly make crazy sub noises and I have to Save settings, then delete the plug in and re add it.

Matthew Genovese
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