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Pro-L2 Introduces a delay of more than 40msec

Just noticed today that I wasn't able to play in time with my midi keyboard and found that PRO-L2 Introduces a slight delay that is fixed on time even if I set the buffer size of my Scarlett audio to super low amount.

Is this normal? I kind of fixed it with the delay compensation in Cubase but still. There is no oversampling or look ahead. One more interesting thing is the delay gets shorter if I disable the "True Peak" option.

Thank you in advance.

Iliyan A.

Hi Iliyan,

Pro-L 2 does have quite a bit of latency. The latency depends on the used algorithm. Transparent, Punchy and Allround have the smallest latency. Dynamic has slightly more, and Modern, Bus and Safe create considerably more latency. Using True Peak or Oversampling increases this latency as well.

Even though you have the Lookahead at the minimal setting, Lookahead is still enabled in the plug-in. This is to avoid ticks when changing the lookahead time.

This is all completely normal. The plug-in needs this time to process the audio and do its work with the least amount of side effects.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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