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FF Pro L2 Timeline carries on when stopped

Something I've found when using L2 both on my master bus and Audiosuite with the Analyse function, is that when you hit stop or the Analysis is over, the timeline carries on moving so you lose the ability to see the overall dynamics of the clip.
It's kind of annoying but acceptable on a bus, but with Audiosuite it takes away a lot of the advantage of fast than real time Analysis.

Is there any way to switch this off so when it stops the loudness timeline stops moving? I can't see that in the options of window scrolling.

Ed Rousseau

Hi Ed,

At this moment it's not possible to stop the window from scrolling. The only thing I can advise you is to set the display mode to Infinite, which will keep all time passed in the window.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Shame, on other plugins this isn't the case. Hopefully you will make it an option soon as infinite doesn't quite make up for it as the timeline very quickly gets smaller and smaller!
Thanks for getting back to me

Ed Rousseau
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