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Q3: difference in CPU usage with analyser on?

Hi FF,

let's say you have 100 Q3 in a session with the same initial preset. Does it make a difference in CPU usage if they all have the analyser on or off even when all plugin windows are closed? By design I mean?
I was wondering if it's better to keep them all off by default and only turn then on when actually tweaking an EQ?

Asking for the AAX version in ProTools.

Thanks and stay healthy!


Hi Hans,

When you don't have all 100 plug-ins open at the same time, it should not be a problem. If you just open up one or two plug-ins at the time and tweak them, I would say it is not necessary to have the analyzer disabled.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thank you!
So generally speaking the analyser only needs "power" when the plugin window is open, correct?
There shouldn't be any difference between 100 closed (but active) plugins with analyser set to on vs. all of them set to off and closed.

Thanks for confirming.

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