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Import Presets (ffp) to any FF plugin in iOS

A friend of mine just sent me some ffp files. How do i do to import them on my iOS device.

(I saw that we can save our own presets under a "preset" folder when we edit them... but i can't reach this folder with the iOS "File" App).

Can you help ? (Say if there is a way to do it, or if i'm losing my time :) )


Alban Perrin

Hi Alban,

When creating the iOS preset system, I've looked into this because it would of course be very nice if you can share presets between Mac/PC and iOS. However, as far as I know there is no way currently for an AUv3 plug-in on iOS to have its files show up in the Files app. Only apps have the ability to appear in the Files app. Of course each AUv3 plug-in is contained in its own app, but the plug-in can't access the public files area from the app. So my conclusion was that this is -at the moment- not possible unfortunately.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Even if your answer is kind of frustrating, it is so cool to receive such a precise answer in no time. And you confirmed what i though (but i didn't though it was due to an apple limitation... even if i'm not very surprised... )

Thank you :) (I guess i just have to try and jailbreak my ipad... i think i'll be able to access that damn folder then :) ).

Alban Perrin
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