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Summer sale 2020?

Hi there.

Any chance of a discount sale on Pro-R, Pro-L 2, Pro-MB and Pro-Q 3 during summer 2020?

Best Regards,


Certainly a chance! ;-)

Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Floris,

Is there to be a sale prior to summer? Pretty please!



Would love to pick up Pro-Q 3.

Dave Onions

Do the iPad plugins ever go on sale in the apple app store? That would be nice. I would love the get the whole pro bundle!


Joe Teresi

i want to get the mastering bundle + pro g. But its not doable in my current state, so i could rly use a 30-40% off sales to make it happen.


If you have a sale, I will buy the things.


Hi Fab's,

When's Summersale @ Fabfilter.
Pro Q3 is amazing. (Dutch Designers are the best ) :)



Tough times at the moment. A good sale would be really appreciated by a lot of people, myself included.


Does anyone know if the fab sales also work with the discount promo codes?


Nope, the biggest discount wins.


I've been hoping for a sale for a while as well. If it doesn't happen soon I may go looking for a referral discount code on the pro q.


Gostaria de um desconto pra adquirir o pro q3


Quero um desconto no protools q 3


Hola Edinaldo,
Escríbeme a yanmorber@gmail.com y te enviaré uno.


Also interested in a sale on the Total Bundle, but money is tight


Anxiously awaiting the sale, money is very tight atm. Looking for saturn 2 and pro q 3. The bundles are a bit too much. Is there a way you can make your own bundle with a discount ?

Ingmar K

Hi Ingmar,

If you want to have a custom bundle just drop us a line at info@fabfilter.com and we can sort you out.


Ralph (FabFilter)

so ive been w8ing for sales from the begining of 2020 to buy the mastering bundle + pro g but nothing on the horizon... whats going on??


Waiting for a Summer Sale please !! I want to buy Pro-L2

Luis S

Lots of people are watching the pennies now, there is obviously uncertainty of employment and income. However on the flip side, for me and others I'm sure, we are spending more time at home so if there is a good deal it would tempt a lot of customer to make the purchase and start using the products! I would buy the pro bundle if it was like 30% off the current price for sure!


... keep an eye on the website these days! ;-)

Floris (FabFilter)

Woo! that's great news, its been a rough few months with COVID and finances, do that is music to my ears (pun intended)

Beyond Driven

We will definitely be looking for that summer sale discount and will get Saturn 2. YES!

Will we get notified of this summer sale if we're subscribed to the newsletter?


Definitely looking forward to palpable discounts on single products and bundles too!


Hi Karl,

Yes, you will get a newsletter when we have a sale starting.

You can also check our website and see that the sale has just started!


Ralph (FabFilter)

OK, you initiated a 25% discount, but for Saturn 2 separate. I have the money, but I guess I will have to save more and buy it later.

OK, you initiated a 25% discount, but NOT for Saturn 2 separate. I have the money, but I guess I will have to save more and buy it later.

Can you use the -25% discount on a custom bundle? including. L-2, Q 3 and C 2 ?



Same here :-( no funds for buying a bundle. Was hoping for a discount on Pro Q 3.
I guess I'll have to go with a Waves plugin instead or come back some other time


Hoped for single plugins sale, not just bundles...
Disappointing. but good look.


Will this sale be avaliable through reselers like Sweetwater, so one can buy with sweetwater financing?.


Just want to confirm that we can’t use the 10% referral coupon with the bundle discount?

Frank San Filippo

Hi Frank, in FabFilter sales the biggest discount wins.


"Can you use the -25% discount on a custom bundle?"

Would also like to know that. :)


Hi guys,

Indeed, the current sale is only on bundles, not on separate plug-ins. If there is no bundle to your liking you can request a quite for a custom bundle by getting in touch with us via info@fabfilter.com.

Different discounts are never combines, it's simply the highest discount that counts.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Will the price increase for max bundle in the next 1 month ?


When will Fabfilter have their next sale

Jonathan Dixon

Dear FabFiler,

Any plans for Pro-MB sale ... or releasing Pro-MB2?



Hi Tomasz,

Unfortunately we never announce any future release dates. We will only release new products when we feel they are ready, and unfortunately this cannot be planned :-)

We sometimes organize a sale in our webshop, but we also do not announce this in advance.

The best way to keep up to date about product releases and sales is to subscribe to our newsletter! We will not spam you on a weekly basis, we only send them out when we have a release, a sale, or something else that we feel is mighty important.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Cool, so I hope there will be kind of a sale soon to get these iOS plugins.

btw. can I export pugin presets i made on my ipad to load them in my DAW ?


Hope there will be a sale soon because the full price is a bit steep for my pockets so i keep praying to the iOS Gods that fabfilter bundle will be on sale.

Rico Fredo

Hi guys any chance of a spring sale?

It’s April, the birds are chirping, the lambs are jumping... even just a few days for celebration

We love you

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