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Horrifically loud noise produced from Pro L2 out of nowhere

This has happened to me on numerous occasions.
I work on a project with pro L2 on the master and everything is working great. I then minimize ableton and to go work on something else for a while. Then, when returning to my ableton project and pressing play on my tune, I am subjected to the most horrifically loud and distorted noise imaginable. Truly ear bursting. I mean this sincerely. It really is dangerously loud, to the point where I believe if I had been wearing headphones at the time it could have damaged my hearing.
The issue persists until a restart of Ableton is performed.
I turned down the volume and went through all my plugins, to eventually find that Pro L2 is in fact the culprit.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Joel Sinnott

This is not a mistake, it is an intensional time bomb for using cracked L2.


I also have this issue with several different fabfilter plugins. I run them in Studio One. Nothing cracked. Same issue on two different machines.

J o n a s

I had the same issue when I used izotope Ozone Imager. Do you use any izotope plug-in?



J o n a s
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