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"Double Precision" 64-bit floating point internal processing

When will this be implemented in all Fabfilter plugins, especially Pro-Q?

Truncating to 32-bit is still truncating, no matter how inauduble the noisefloor. You have a reputation for transparency in processing and this would be the final piece of the puzzle.Make it switchable if CPU use is an issue.

...Please? :)


Hi J,

We do use 64-bit internal processing where needed. For passing samples into the plug-in, and back to the host, 32-bit works well and there's no need to use 64-bit float samples. If there is a specific scenario where you run into the limitations of 32-bit float processing, please let us know and we'll consider it carefully.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi Frederick,

Merely curious, does Pro Q3 in dynamic mode run internally at 64 float (double precision)?

Pro DS seems the only one that specifically states double precision in its specs/features.



In my daw I use 64 bit double precision engine does this cause problems of any kind (like rounding errors, audio degradation etc) with the fab filter plugins ? Should I use single 32 bits processing?

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