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FabFilter plugins don't install presets during installation on my High Sierra 10.13.6

Please, send me an archive with presets. Thanks.

Aidar Ka

Hi Aidar,

Normally, a FabFilter plug-in will install its factory presets automatically when you run it for the first time. If the plug-in has failed to do so, and you only see an empty preset menu, please check the following:

First of all, open the plug-in in your DAW, click on the (empty) preset menu button and choose Options > Restore Factory Presets.

If this doesn't work, there is probably a permissions issue that prevents the plug-in from installing the factory presets. Open Finder and navigate to the /Users/<your user name>/Library/Audio folder, select the Presets folder and press Cmd+I. In the Sharing & Permissions section at the bottom, make sure you have 'Read & Write' permissions.

After you've corrected the permissions, open the plug-in again and choose Options > Restore Factory Presets again if needed. All presets should now be available.

Since OS X 10.7 (Lion), the user Library folder is marked as hidden by default. To make it visible again in Finder, open Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities) and enter: chflags nohidden ~/Library

If after this the presets still do not appear, you can install them manually. You can download them here:


After downloading, please unzip and move them to the following folder:

Mac: User/Library/Audio/Presets/FabFilter/
Windows: My Documents\FabFilter\

If there is no such folder in the above location, please create one manually. Please note the 2 capital F's in FabFilter.

After this, reopen your DAW and they should appear in your plug-in.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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