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Pro Q 3 not showing track name when using multiple instances

Hi there,

I am having an ongoing issue, which actually has gotten a little worse since I recently switched to Cubase 10.5 from Studio One 4.5. The issue is that when I instantiate FF Pro Q3 on a track, unless I use the AU version of the plugin (I'm on a Mac), the Q3 does not show the multiple instances of the plugin by name (so I can reference 2 tracks being analyzed for the purpose of EQing them side by side as opposed to sidechaining them). This only seems to happen when I use the VST version of the plugin (it happened in Studio One also).

The workaround in Studio One was to simply use the AU version of Pro Q3 and I could see the various track names I wanted to reference and go about my business.

Cubase doesn't support AU, only VST, so the Q3 eq just shows me multiple instances that do not have any track names associated with them. As such, I don't know which instance of Q3 to reference in order to make the proper EQ adjustments. I often have 10-15 instances of Pro Q3 running across a mix session and I have no idea which instance is which.

Has this been address in perhaps an updated version I might download? The issue occurs with any DAW I've tried it on unless I use the AU format in Logic Pro X or Studio One 4.5. Would prefer to just use the VST version and have it work the way it's supposed to!

Thank you in advance!



Hi GG,

the naming in Pro-Q 3 is only supported on VST3, not on VST2. Are you sure you are running VST3 plug-ins?


Ralph (FabFilter)

Hey Ralph,

Figured it out...there are 2 instances of the plugin in my plugin folder. Using the plugin manager, I was able to see which one is VST3 vs VST2. I was mixing and matching thinking they were the same. I have to grab the version of the 2 that is VST3. Thank you!

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