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Fabfilter Plugs in Adobe Audition

Hello - I've been using various FF plugins in Adobe Audition for years. I've never experienced instability and/or failure to operate as expected issues *except* when using AU versions within various recent versions of Audition. Note the AU version incompatibilty issue was not isolated to FF. It was widespread within the application. Bottom line - it was a documented and acknowledged Audition bug.

It appears the issue has been rectified in the current version release [13.0.6].

There is a active participant on the Adobe Audition Forum claiming "FabFilter has been known to cause some problems in Audition." From a [Mac] user perspective I'm not sure I agree. And so the question is - was this ever the case? Has FF received multiple inquires over the years documenting problems when using FF plugins in Audition such as the EQ, Compressor, and DeEsser?


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