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Feature Request: Pro-Q3 Pitch / KB Tracking

This probably seems like something that could be pretty use-case but I'd be so grateful if FabFilter was to incorporate an ability for Pro-Q3 to support pitch/kb tracking for individual nodes, based on the harmonic series.

Honestly the tracking functions and capabilities in SurferEQ are really well thought out, I feel like even just having this feature built in to Pro-Q3 via MIDI input (including or excluding pitch bend) would be enough, but the audio input input tracking would also be greatly received. Between some of the dynamic EQ functions that have already been implemented and the leg up that Pro-Q has over SurferEQ when it comes to accuracy, responsiveness, UI, this would be a killer feature.

To digress on the benefits of pitch-tracked EQ, when you have instruments or elements in a mix that sweep large distances (an octave or more), a static EQ curve doesn't cover all the harmonic discrepancies which you might be trying to correct. It's something that could benefit mixdown engineers and sound designers both. I think a lot of people don't realize how much of a difference it can make if you have this ability, so it doesn't get a lot of spotlight, but bringing it into the spotlight i think it'd further set Pro-Q3 apart from the rest, and completely leave SurferEQ3 users in the dust.


This is a great idea!


Great Idea

Anubhav Ukil
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