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Saturn 2 : Released on iOS!


Good to see it over here..

The others will ‘hopefully’ soon be following.

.. Looking at you Timeless (whatever version that will be)

FabFilter - Top-addi-Top!



Thanks! :)

Frederik (FabFilter)

Will Saturn 2 ios AUv3 be added to the bundle, I want to buy all together? thank you.


Hi Paul,

Well, Saturn 2 of course doesn't fit into the Pro bundle. We might add a Creative bundle later once we have more of our Creative plug-ins available for iOS. We could do a Total bundle but we first need to investigate what happens when you add more apps to a bundle later on -- the App Store is quite inflexible in this regard. For now, Saturn 2 is a separate purchase for these reasons.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thank you for your reply. I fully understand and certainly look forward to more plug ins from fabfilter...


Hey Fab Fam,

Always Love this app, but a few points for this version:

Saturn 2:

1: Legacy presets.
Is there a place we can download the S1 presets?
Or can you include them in an update..
(They are included in the desktop version.)

Saturn 1 presets:
1 - Allround
2 - Best Of
3 - Drums
4 - FX
5 - Guitar Amps
6 - Mastering
7 - MIDI Triggered
8 - Saturation
9 - Sequence
10 - Various

In Saturn 2, there is:
1 - Color
2 - Drive
3 - Guitar
4 - Lo-fi
5 - FX

I particularly used rhythmic presets such as “Sequence” etc..

2: Can we get ‘User’ Presets folders?

3: Trying to tap the modulation presets arrows is difficult (small). Tapping the disc on Saturn 1 is much easier.

4: Similar to 3 ^ tapping/selecting the unit for a name change is difficult. Hit or miss..
Majority of the time I’m unintentionally tapping the scroll bar as it is on the same horizontal line as the unit names.

5: Can we turn off menu animation, where it auto-scrolls up n down when you go in and out of folders. Also, can the presets open in the last folder you were in - or, the menu stay open (whilst auditioning presets) until we tap outside of it.



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