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"Check for Updates" button


I'm missing an option to check if updates for my FF products are available and maybe add a quick in-plugin notification if they're available. You could easily add it to the "help" drop down menu
Other companies have that option too :)




Would like to see this as well. Thanks!


I would definitely be interested in a simple update path!

greg crisenbery

Agreed - hopefully people will keep bumping this up until Fabfilter takes notice.

AZ Mountain Geek

Would love to see this feature too


Thanks for the suggestion, we'll consider it!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Yeah I was thinking the same when I had to download the updates for all of my FF products that I own separately lately.

I find that the "Izotope Product Portal" is a great example for managing/installing/updating all Izotope plugins in one app. Very handy!

But I'm still grateful for the update notification emails that you send out! :)

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