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FabFilter Pro-Q 3 v3.14 not applying EQ correctly on Ableton project load

Hey everyone, I'd like to describe a bug that has been driving me crazy and making Pro Q 3 useless as a go-to equalizer plugin.

Pro-Q3 3.14 (VST3)
Ableton Live 10.1.15

Basically, sometimes when I load an Ableton project file, I notice the sound is off on tracks with Pro-Q3. This is most noticeable on the kicks, as all I can hear is a tinny sort of click, but no real sub-bass. The same is true on other tracks with Pro-Q3. Looking at the spectrum and the EQ curve, it looks like my EQ settings are in fact correct (and preserved from the previous saving of the project file)... and the signal going into the EQ is correct (pre-EQ curve, which is represented by the darker more "ghost-like" part). However, the post-EQ is way off.

It is noticeably much more quiet, as verified by the level meters on the right side. And if you look at this post-EQ spectrum, you'll see that not only is it quieter, it seems to be shifted to the right.


In this state, if I hit bypass, the sound is back to default, flat, not EQ'ed. Turn the EQ back on, and it's strange again. But here's the weird part:

If I select "default setting" from the dropdown menu of presets, the full sound is restored (with the flat EQ). But then if I hit UNDO, it restores my EQ curve, only now, the curve is applied properly and the post-EQ spectrum and the sound that I hear is correct, attached below:


Any clues as to why this is happening?

I literally just pick another preset, then hit undo. And it's restored and perfect. But this is totally unsusable on a day-to-day basis when I have Pro-Q3 on tens of tracks. Any ideas?


I've replied in another thread that we have on this subject:


Frederik (FabFilter)
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