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NKS Support workaround

Hi FabFilter team,
Seems like my comments got lost in the previous topic, so I've decided to share the info I've discovered in a new one.

As some of you probably know there's a workaround for 3rd party plugins & VSTis, an ability to save user presets with custom mappings in the Komplete Kontrol software.

The idea is to save the default user preset for Pro-C, for example, with mapped knobs I need, and call it a day.

The issue is that for all FabFilter plugins EXCEPT Saturn 2 the "Save As" option is greyed out and I can't save a preset.

I found from lurking NI forums that this indicates a some sort of VST2 preset format issue, more info on it here: www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/why-cant-i-save-nks.358793/#post-1810725

So my question to FabFilter team is, considering that official NKS support is off the table, then could you please take a look into enabling saving user presets inside the Komplete Kontrol? You've actually done it with Saturn 2, so probably older plugins could be enabled as well.

Would appreciate any info on this. Thanks!

Best Regards,


Just wanted to bump a thread. To receive any answer is better than to receive nothing :)




So, are there any news on this topic?

Timo Meier

Hi Sergey, Timo,

Sorry we missed this topic earlier. Does Pro-Q 3 also support the Save As feature in Komplete Kontrol? I would expect that it does.

In Pro-Q 3 and Saturn 2, we migrated to a different way of saving the plugin state (using "chunks" in VST2). Apparently KK only supports this system and that explains why Save As doesn't work for any of our other plug-ins. Unfortunately we can't change how the plugin state is saved for existing plug-ins because this would break backwards compatibility.

I think NI should be able to enable the Save As feature also for VST2 plug-ins that don't use the "chunk" system.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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