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FabFilter Total bundle free trial

If download the FabFilter Total bundle for free, Can I refuse to buy the license key and stop using it after 30 days?

Anna Michalska

Hi Anna,

Sure, if you will not enter a new license after 30 days the plug-ins will stop working.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks for reply :)

Anna Michalska

One more question: If I’ve alredy installed FabFilter Total bundle on my MacBook, how do I open it in Ableton live 10 Intro? I can see the installer in finder, but after I installed it I can’t find the plugin anywhere...

Anna Michalska

In Live you need to go to the browser (on the left side of the screen), look for the Category "plugins" and when you click on that, you should see all your installed plugins, including the FabFilter ones.

If you don't see your browser in Live, click on the grey triangle in the upper left corner of Live's screen, that makes it visible or disappear.

Note that you either have to restart Live or scan for new plugins (in the Preferences screen) for newly installed plugins to show there.

Good luck!

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