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Pro Q3 Feature Request: De-Harshing Mode

It would be great if in the next update/upgrade of Pro Q we got a de-harshing mode where resonances are automatically controlled similar to how they are in the plugin Soothe by Oeksound. This would add so much more value to Pro Q and it would absolutely make it the ultimate EQ tool that renders all other EQ plugins useless including the new plugins that do this sort of thing.


Oh yes, this would be a nice feature to have.
Although it probably will complicate the otherwise clean UI.

So maybe a separate product for this purpose... *fingers crossed*


What's wrong with Soothe / Soothe 2?

Morten Andersen

@Sergey it could be as simple as a single button or a little window that pops up when you click on a button. The whole point is having an all-in-one ultimate EQ plugin.

@Morten Andersen Soothe is $219 (€185) and doesn’t offer 90% of the functionality Pro Q offers. Why wouldn’t you want this feature added to Pro Q?


Hi Ibrahim,

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our current plug-ins. However we cannot yet say what a possible new version of Pro-Q will bring in terms of new functionality. Only time will tell :-)

Cheers, Ralph

Ralph (FabFilter)
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