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Feature Request - or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

Hey guys, I'm trying to achieve a result and I'm not sure if it's possible with Pro-MB or Pro-DS

What I'd like to do is either through either plugin, be able to set the stereo link target to be 100% left in order to reduce the high frequencies of the right channel. Currently the Stereo Link in both plugins detect, and affect, whatever they're set to, and can only be set to mid or side, no left or right. I'd like the option to unlink the two, as well as set left or right targets in the stereo link control.

If there is another way that I'm missing, or another plugin that can do this, I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to avoid setting up external side-chains just for this though.


Adam D

Hi Adam,

I see. At the moment, its not possible to do that in Pro-MB or Pro-G. We used to have a matrix in Pro-Cv1 where you were able to do this, but it made the interface overly complicated so we took it out. A workaround for this would be splitting the stereo signal into two mono channels and sending the signal of the left channel to the side chain input of the right channel. Hope that helps!



On Logic X you could simply insert via Dual Mono option.


Thanks for the replies guys, it looks like sidechaining will have to be the workaround for this.

@Martin, Dual Mono would allow separate processing yes, however I don't believe it would allow applying processing on one based off the input of the other.

Adam D

For anyone else dealing with this same issue, Scheps Omni Channel made by Waves has the option to have unlinked controls but it still be in stereo mode. You need to do this in the expanded view but I was able to get the results I wanted from the De-esser module.

Adam D
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