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Pro-Q3 not working in DP10

I am trying to use Pro-Q3 as an insert effect in Digital Performer 10. The spectral analyzer visuals look fine, but when I try to set filter bands, I don’t hear any impact on the audio.

I tested by.adding a new instance of Pro-Q3 and then adding a low pass node and sliding it right The audio should have become tinny, but it didn’t change at all. (I tried with Pro-Q2 and it worked fine.). Please advise. Thanks!


Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the issue on OSX 10.15. Are you on Mac or Windows? Could you send us a small video that illustrates this? Please include loading the plug-in from your plug-in menu so we can see what instance you're using and on what kind of track.

Please send it to info@fabfilter.com and we'll take a closer look for you!

Thanks in advance!



Maarten (Fabfilter)

I have the exact same issue with Pro-Q3 in Cubase Pro 10.5 using the vst3 version.

Please help.

Tristan Leral

This is for Version

I can not see a mono version of the plug in as well.

Does it automatically set itself to Mono or Stereo based
on the track selection??

Tristan Leral
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