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Pro L-2 just simple only loud setting


I'm using on my master channel first "Gullhoss" to optimize my frequencies. And then I add "Pro L-2" as the final Limiter to make the track just louder.

And my problem is, that it seems that Pro L-2 also adds high and some "shiny" frequencies, especially if I try its presets. And that's to much after using "Gullhoss".

So, my question is, if I's possible to make just loud with Pro L-2 without that frequencies?

Thanks for help!


I meant "Gullfoss" and my englisch is not the best .. :D


Hi John,

Pro-L 2 should not have any influence on the frequency response of the material it is processing. It should only change the dynamics. Do you have any specific presets or styles where you are noticing it changes the frequency response?


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thank you for answer!

It's different, if I'm using for example the EDM presets, especially the "EDM Transient Xtra" preset, it's strongly audible and if I use the preset "Tonally Transparent" for example it's less.

I do it like this:

First I use Gullfoss on my Master Channel

Then I add Pro L-2 and step through the presets, but still at 0 dB, so I can here the differences without extra loudness

And my problem is, that some Pro L-2 presets sounding like they "add something" and other presets like they "reduce something"

But I want just make loud without that, because I want to receive what Gullfoss does

And finally I push the dB in Pro L-2 to the limit

Which preset is the most "transparent" preset in Pro L-2?


Hi John,

Unfortunately I cannot seem to reproduce your issue. When I load Pro-L 2 on a track with the EDM Transient Xtra preset and the gain and output level at 0dB, I hear no difference when I toggle the plug-in on and off.

Just to be sure I did a null test. I copied the channel and removed Pro-L 2 from the copied track. Flipping the phase resulted in a total silence, which shows Pro-L 2 changes nothing about the program material when it is not limiting.

Could you send us a small video to info@fabfilter.com showing your issue, so we can have a closer look?


Ralph (FabFilter)
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