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Feature request: FabFilter to host external algorithms

We were just sitting here a few musicians and had an interesting fantasy.

Obviously FabFilter for many of us have the most perfect design philosophy.

But sometimes other developers have amazing sounding algorithms.

For example EQ:
Dave from DMG audio have very beautiful sounding eq and comp.
Mastering the mix Bassroom have tailored very special filters.
Others have also developed non-symmetrical / harmonic / non-linear, physical modelled / saturated filters.

So we had the fantasy of Fabfilter plugin to act as OS if you will, and to have external extension packs.

If I were a developer I would be happy to develop filter algorithm pack to be imported and bought separately to enhance the sound possibilities of FabFilter plugins.

So it will be truly the only plugins you ever need as it can sound like anything..

Just a dream :)
Good luck

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