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C2 audio and GUI problems in Ableton

Hi, I was having problems with both Pro-Q 3 and Pro-C 2 on my system that I thought I tracked to an 002 2020 Security Update on my Mac system (High Sierra). Was seeing lots of GPU restarts when I did this in terminal:
sudo ls -lah /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports | grep .gpuRestart

I noticed it was only in Ableton, not my other DAW (Digital Performer) although in all honesty I didn't test the plugs as hard there.

I upgraded my system to 10.14.5 and thought things were working fine again or so I thought - tonight I'm getting similar problems using Pro-C 2. The audio stutters and slows and the graphics freeze. Latest version of Ableton. Tried different buffer settings - no help. Turned off graphics acceleration via Terminal - no joy. Tried VST and AU. Stopped testing because I was about to throw my laptop...

Anyone having these issues? Suggestions to fix? It's a killer, totally stops workflow. FabFilter are the only ones I can find (so far) having this issue. There may be more, but I haven't seen any yet. Thank you.

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