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Twin 2 and FL Studio issue

Hi all...

I use Twin 2 with FL studio v20.0.5 64 bit on a Win desktop.

I'm editing in Song mode. I click on a pattern, and bring up the pattern edit window. From there, I right-click on Twin 2 at the top of the pattern window to bring up Twin 2, and I can edit the sound.

If I switch to pattern mode, I can just hear the pattern I am editing, and I can further tweak the sound solo'd. All good.

The issue happens when I press the button to go back to song mode. When I go back to song mode, Filter 1 and 2 will jump to different positions.... Just the filters move, no other knobs or values seem to be affected.

I've looked around for a setting that might fix this, to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks

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