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Pro C2 RMS and Peak threshold triggering?

Having used ALL FF plugins, I love them.

Question/Idea on Pro C2: Do any of the algorithms utilise RMS thresholds to trigger compression, rather than peak, or a controllable blend of the two?

I'm thinking more for macro-level ultra-transparent smoothing in mastering. I know C2's 'Mastering' mode looks like it does something a bit like that, but I would be interested a little more in it's mechanics.

There are some well thought of bus compressors from people like TDR and Stillwell that use RMS and Peak thresholds. Personally, I've not tried them but logically they sound both interesting and sensible.



Hi Simon,

Pro-C 2 only offers peak compression. It is not possible to set the threshold to RMS detection instead of peak detection with the current version.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Are there advantages to blending RMS & Peak? Have FF any plans to incorporate?

Not picking holes as I'm a big fan, just exploring thoughts and ideas.


In this case, what attack and release values would be appropriate to level volume in macrodynamics?


Hi Simon,

When Pro-C 2 is due for an update we will surely take a look. However unfortunately we cannot tell you when that is going to be :-)

Ralph (FabFilter)
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