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Plugins won't copy from one track to another

Hey there!

I've been using these plugins with Adobe Premiere and lately they haven't allowed me to Opt+click and drag them onto other tracks to easily copy the same settings from track to track. This Option (alt on windows I think) click allows very easy drag and drop from other plugins but not fabfilter stuff for some reason. Any idea what that is?

PS. this goes for AU and VST3 versions.


Hi Chase,

I've been able to reproduce this here in our office. I've also tested with the previous installers, but they did not have this issue. So in the meantime you can use the older installers to get the copy functionality back. The easiest way to get the older installers is to use the dedicated 32-bit installer found on our additional downloads page. Even though it is called the 32-bit installer, it also installs the 64-bit versions. It's just called that way because it is the last installer including the 32-bit plug-ins.

You can find the installer here:


Cheers, Ralph

Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi Chase,

This seems to be an issue on Premiere 14.5 on MacOS 10.13 and below. Premiere requirers 10.14 and up. Could it be you are still running 10.13?


Ralph (FabFilter)
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