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Ableton / XY Pad


I just noticed that in Ableton my FF Plugins are not assignable to the XY Pad.

The Parameter Boxes say "None" as expected - however there is no dropdown arrow to assign them.

This appears to be the case for AU and VST (I do not use VST3).

Does anyone else see this?

Is there something I can do to activate the XY functionality with the FF Plugins?

Thanks everyone


Hi Evan,

To control a parameter from the XY pad in Ableton, please first click on a parameter inside the plug-in. Then you can select that parameter in the drop down menu of the XY pad.


Ralph (FabFilter)

The dropdown is only populated if plugins have just a few parameters. Basically when the parameters of the device are auto-populated, then these are displayed in the dropdown.
For devices with many parameters you can configure (hit the wrench) the device in Live with the parameters you like to be automated (wiggle the parameters), or in the dropdown, and then save that as default for the device (in the device menu bar). The next time they will be there.

Hope that's clear enough :)

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