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Can't sign in

Too many log in attempts. Try again Later. Fine. I tried again later. I've reset the password several times. Same message. Ok, maybe i did something wrong. I wait for several hours and try again and yet the same message. WHAT IS GOING ON?

D C Roberto


D C Roberto

same issue

liam j creus

Going through the same thing right now, emailed their support team


Same issue for me

Jince Mathew

Hey guys,

Send us an email at info@fabfilter.com if you need help getting into your account.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Same here, I reset the password and it still has me logged out which is annoying, But even more so for the fact that when I try to log in with the updated passwords I get the Too many log in attempts error.

I love the plugins, but this is very a poor standard of basic e-commerce.

Brian Galway

Hi, I am having the same issue. It won’t let me sign in and it keeps saying to many attempts can youse please help? Thank you.

Luis Santos

Hi Luis,

Please email us and we'll help you out.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Same problem here. I'll email.

David Harrison

Same issue here. I need to login TODAY to download my plugins and master a project. Need help.

Theo S

Same issue, what's happened Fabfilter? I'm awaiting an email back.

Anyone had any success in login in at?


Hi Ian,

You should be able to log in again now.

The reason behind this is that we recently moved to more aggressively block failed logins, in order to protect against malicious attempts to match databases of known email/password combinations to our accounts (this is unfortunately something that happens to almost all web sites these days). We can manually unblock you: just email us or leave a post here with your email address (which will be hidden for everyone but us).


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi team@FabFilter,

Same issue here. Can you please unlock my account again?



Hi Sebastian,

You should be able to log in now.


Frederik (FabFilter)



Hi Brent, your account is not blocked, and I see you have been able to login correctly. If you need help getting access to your account, please send us an email at info@fabfilter.com

Ralph (FabFilter)

same here, please unlbock me thank you

Hamza Khadim

Hi, Im also waiting since 10 h to get access to my account agian.
I also wrote an email yesterday evening.

Would be great to get access today again.




Same problem, I also wrote a mail 2 hours (netherland daytime) ago.

Please activate.


same problem need to get the upgrade to saturn asap for one of modules

Leo Magaya

Hi guys,

I've just manually de-blocked all your accounts.


Ralph (FabFilter)

I can't login. access me please


Gang, I've replied to your email earlier and unblocked your account.


Ralph (FabFilter)

same problem, it won't let me sign in...can you help me? i just want to sign in and using my plug-in


I'm having the same problem, can't login to my account even though I reset the password several times. Please assist!

Stefano Frantellizzi

Still cannot get into my account, this is kind of ridiculous. I've reset my password on multiple occasions. I am still getting the "too many login attempts" pop up.

Stefano Frantellizzi

Hi Stefano,

I see you have been able to login in the meantime, right?

Ralph (FabFilter)

Same problem here


Really want to get some new plug-ins but have been locked out for two days now... This "TOO MANY LOGIN ATTEMPTS" is insane... I know I get a discount with my other purchases and wont order until I can get into that account... really disappointing...


I need my account unlocked please, didn't realise I'd been given a password when I paid for the products. Would like to use them asap

Sam Carter

John, Sam, I've unlocked both your accounts.

Ralph (FabFilter)

hi i have the same issue, can you unblock me?
thanks & best regards


Yes, its been a couple of days of me going back and forth trying to log-in, can someone please help

Andrew Allen

@sébastien, I've just unblocked you.

@Andrew, I see you have been able to login in the meantime, correct?

Ralph (FabFilter)

Same issue here, please ublock me.
Thank You!


Same hereeee, please can you help me and unblock me? I also emailed you guys. Thank youuuu


same....been couple of days i can't login, change my password and emails i send you gets blocked by your spam filter.

could you plz unblock my account? thx

Semih Yanyali

Same problem here! Please unblock, thanks! :)


could u unblock me


I've just processed al your email addresses. You should al be able to login again.

Ralph (FabFilter)

Guys, I get what the point of this feature is, but holy c*ap is the setting for this too sensitive. If I enter the wrong password 3 times, I'm locked out for WAY too long, even after I successfully reset my password.

I get you are trying to keep hackers out from brute forcing someone's password, but there are ways to do this that would be way less of a pain for your real users. At the very least increase the number of failed attempts to 5, or reset the lock after someone does a successful password reset.

Adam Duro

PLZ! same issue! unblock my account too!!

claudio zurita

@Claudio, I've just unblocked you

@Adam, we are still finetuning the system. However, we had to take these measurements to be able to keep everything running and accessible.

Ralph (FabFilter)

Same problem... Plz unlock me!!

Yoowoon Kim

Hi Yoowoon, I've just unblocked you.

Ralph (FabFilter)

I have the same problem "to many login attempts, try again later",I have reset my password but the problems remains!!!!!

Huntley Barker

I locked out from my account as well. I'm trying to download my license. I've tried resetting my account a few times and it did not accept them. I need help.

Alvaro Acevedo

@Huntley: I've just unblocked you manually.

@Alvaro: I have unblocked you earlier to day in response to your email.

Ralph (FabFilter)


can you please unblock my account quickly.

Thank you!

Josh Barrett

please unblock me too. just trying to install these o a new computer and forgot my password - now i'm locked out.

Alex Urquhart

Ive been blocked. would love getting help. just about to activate my new plug ins!

Jesus Cervantes

@Josh, @Jesus, you are unblocked.

@Alex, your account was not registered as blocked. Could it be you tried logging in with a different email address? Since we do not like to send out personal information on the forum it might be easier to get in touch via email: info@fabfilter.com


Ralph (FabFilter)

same issue, my account is locked. just sent an email. bought my first plugin today too :( please help


Hi Timothy, I've just unblocked your account.

Ralph (FabFilter)

It needs to be addressed and fixed. Find a better solution. 24hr lockouts are pretty unacceptable, especially when we just wanna log in and give you more money, I've never had it happen like this.


please unblock my account

Noah Melis

hi Ralph
Can you unblock me please?
Thank you


Michael Bennetsen

@Noah: I've just unblocked your account
@Michaek: I did not see a blockage added to your account. Could you please send us an email at info@fabfilter.com so we can get your issue resolved?

Ralph (FabFilter)

I am also locked out, even after changing password.
Thank you!

Lucio Westmoreland
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