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Pro Q-3 loud volume bug

I left the computer turned on last night, and I came back this morning.

I pressed play and the volume of every tracks with pro q 3 were amplified to the max. I can still hear some weird noises in my ears.

I'm really really upset about this. This wasn't the first time me experiencing this stupid bug.

Im working on Mac and Ableton 10. ANy solutions? '

I might have gotten some hearing loss lol.


Hi Youjae,

We have seen an issue with Pro-Q 3 and Ableton when left open overnight, but that has been fixed in an update last summer. However, this issue only slowly changed the frequency of high and low pass filters, there was no amplification. What are your system settings? MacOS version, Ableton version etc? Are you running the latest version of our plug-ins? Pro-Q 3 is currently at 3.17.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Pro-Q 3.14, Live 10.1.30, MacBook Pro 15 Inch 2019, and macOS Catalina.

I didn't know there was an update for q3! that might be it. Thanks for the reply.

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