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Crazy UI bug in Ableton --> Fabfilter crashes

So I've came across a weird bug in Fabfilter with dual screen monitors and it happens only with Fabfilter products.

System specs: valid.x86.fr/dkdz5g

I have 2 screens, 1 UHD and 1 at 1900x1200, no DPI scaling in Windows. My main desktop set in the control panel, is the UHD screen. I tend the use Ableton on my smaller screen, so I maximize it. When adding any Fabfilter product on any lane and you open it, the FF GUI glitches out and when you try to close the vst, the host daw crashes. When I set the main desktop on the small screen where I use Ableton and thus fabfilter, all is good and everything performs as intended.

I captured a video where you can monitor my second screen where I run Ableton on. In the first attempt, everything crashes. One change was made afterward (main monitor is now the recorded monitor). At the end in attempt 2: restart Ableton, add FF ProQ-3, everything works.


TLDR; When ableton is not running on the primary monitor, given a certain HW scenario, and fabfilter is used on any lane: gui glitches out and host crashes. The problem only occurs when used on a secondary monitor.


Can you try to disable graphics acceleration?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi Frederik,

Same issue with GA off. I narrowed it further down though. It looks like the GUI experiences the hiccup with the DPI scaling from Windows. So on the UHD, the DPI scaling is at 150% while the other screen has it on 100%. When both are set to 100%, the issue does not occur.

So to represent the problem after the new information, the issue is: the plugin functions properly when it pops up on the windows main screen. If there are 2 different DPI environments, the plugin fails in the non main DPI environment.

I've been testing my collection of plugins, and I have 2 publishers having this issue: Fabfiltering and Mastering in the mix. Tested this on 2 different systems with equal environments on Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 (Build 1904.746)


Correction: Build 19042.746

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