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Hey, Hold it!

Fabfilter (ProC2) is truly fabulous. Used daily for years, for audiobooks, web explainers, commercials...
Just want to repeat a nudge I offered a while back: take the Hold feature a bit further!
At present, although recovery time is moderated a bit by the length and strength of a preceeding peak, nevertheless recovery goes all the way back to full gain.
If that recovery were instead (optionally) triggered by the following sound, there'd be an overall reduction in background noises. I'm thinking in particular of voice studio and theatre recordings. Design-wise, these days, surely not too difficult to ensure that such a trigger ignored irrelevant noise.
Famous real-time broadcast compressors use the technique (it is not a 'gate', just to be clear) and, when well set, sound a lot sweeter than the old pumpy ones.

Howard (UK)
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