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Pro-Q3 Forgetting B Setting

Hi There

Wonder if you could help
I'm finding quite frequently after working on an EQ, that if I have a setting in A and B memory that when i close the plugin window and come back later, only the preset I left current remains. The other settings has vanished and the same setting exists in both A and B
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Gee


Hi Grant,

When opening a session or recalling a preset, only the active A or B setting is recalled. The inactive state will also be reset when making the plug-in inactive. However, the setting should be remembered within the same session if you do not disable the plug-in.

What DAW and OS are you having this issue on?

Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks Ralph

That seems to explain it then
I found that the non-active setting is also lost when reordering the plugin order
Is there a chance that the non-active setting could be remembered in a future version?

I was actually wondering if it were possible to be able to automate switch between A & B settings but guess this wouldn't be possible the way it currently works

Thanks for your response and support


Hi Gant,

Replacing the plug-in indeed also resets the inactive states. I know our developers have looked into this a while ago, but back then is was very complicated to change this behaviour. I'll check in with them if there might have been any changes to that.

It's not possible to automate the A/B state because the settings are not remembered in the session. However, based on what DAW you are using it could be possible to change between presets using automation.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks Ralph

That would be great if even remembering A/B were possible

Wasn't aware some DAWs can automate presets, don't see that in logic pro though
Thanks, Grant

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