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Issue with interface of all plugins in total bundle

Hi All, I've just got back to the studio after about a year, opened cubase (10.5) on my Windows (10.. 64 bit) pc and everything is fine other than all the FabFilter plugins are pretty much unusable. The user interface is all screwed up, sort of pixelated, I can't use any of the nobs and most of the buttons don't work.

There has been some general maintenence on the machine (deleting a few old (non production) programs and cleaning up some old files but I don't know what may have caused it. I do use a 4k monitor but didn't have any issues previously.

I have tried reinstalling the plugins but no change. If anyone can shed any light on this it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Hi Dan,

This does not sound familiar. Could you see if the firmware of your video drivers are all up to date? Some gpu manufacturers also have a dedicated studio driver, which better handles the multiple smaller GUIs used in a DAW. Maybe you can check if your video card has such a driver.

If that does not help, could you check if turning off graphics acceleration affects the issue? Please see the instructions here:



Ralph (FabFilter)
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