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Pro L-2 not playing nice with Plugin Delay Compensation (Logix 10.6 Rosetta 2)

Anyone else is having latency issues with Pro L2 on the master bus lately?

Probably Apple´s fault, I am just wondering if it's just me or have you experienced something similar.

(Logic Pro 10.6, Macbook pro m1 using rosetta 2)


Plugin Delay Compensation in Logic is broken, it has always been like that. There’s lots of threads about it.

If you use any plugin that has significant latency or that uses lookahead anywhere in your session it will throw off your automation and your side chains. The L2 is not to blame, it is Logics fault.

The only fix is to turn off lookahead and to not use plugins that have big latencies in Logic. Sad but true.

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